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At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we accept most insurance and file the claims for you. We are “In-Network” with most of the major insurance companies. For those we are not in, we are generally able to work out a plan that allows you to pay the same amount, or sometimes even less than you would pay in-network offices. Pinnacle Chiropractic is “In-Network” with all plans under the insurance companies below:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • AultCare
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Medical Mutual
  • SummaCare
  • United Health Care

You may call the office with your insurance information prior to your visit, and we will gladly discuss your benefits with you. We advise that you have our office contact the insurance company, because we know the right questions to ask to get you the complete and correct information.  Please be aware that Medicare and Medicaid policies currently DO NOT cover your initial examination and there will be a fee associated for the first visit and any x-rays in accordance with our cash fees.

Our physicians are Workers’ Compensation certified. No out-of-pocket expenses will be required in these cases as long as treatment is pre-approved.

We also will provide care under a personal injury case using your “Med-Pay” on your policy or if you have an attorney, we can use a letter of protection.

Our cash fees are based on national standards. Initial exams and necessary x-rays are $100, and follow-up adjustments are typically $50-60. Additional services may or may not be included with this price. Our staff will set up payment plans based on your budget, allowing everyone to afford the Chiropractic care that is necessary. Any questions in regards to our cash policy may be discussed with your doctor prior to beginning care.

Please note that due to our office being near capacity, our appointment policy is as follows:

Appointment Policy

No-Call/No-Show:  If you miss an appointment without calling at least 60 minutes in advance of the appointment to let us know, this is considered a No-Call/No-Show (NCNS).  If your appointment was first thing in the morning, a message should have been left on the voicemail.  After one grace NCNS, a fee of $50 will be assessed for the second one, and the fee must be paid on the next visit.  If a third NCNS happens without the fees being paid, you will be dismissed from the practice.  New patients that no-call/no-show on their first appointment will not be permitted to become a patient at our office.

Late for Appointment:  If you are greater than 15 minutes late for your appointment without prior notice/approval, you will be rescheduled for a later date.  Likewise, if you are earlier than 15 minutes for your appointment without prior notice/approval, you will not be seen any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  We ask that you be on time for your appointment so that we can respect everyone’s time equally.

Massage:  Massage cancellation fees are applied for missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice.  If the missed appointment was a 30 minute massage, fee will be $20.  If the missed appointment was for a 60 minute massage, the fee will be $40.  INSURANCE CANNOT BE BILLED FOR THIS FEE.  NO FUTURE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE MADE UNTIL THIS FEE IS PAID.  A NCNS three strikes rule will apply, regardless of fees paid.  After the third NCNS, you will be dismissed from the practice.

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