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All of our customer testimonials are printed, signed and proudly displayed in our office for our customers to read at their leisure.

R. Putnam

I never believed in chiropractic (chiropractors) until I woke up in pain one morning. I had to go to one, so I know there is a need for them. They do a great and honest job. I have learned a lot about my body, how it works and what it takes to keep myself in good shape and good health!

A. Allen

I am 68 years old. I have spent the last 10 years in pain. I lost the right side of my colon, had a heart stint put in place and almost lost 3 toes. I was depressed and overweight either sitting, sleeping or crying and as close to helpless as I ever want to be. After a little more than a month of adjustments and treatments Dr. Craig Banks has showed me and taught me how to help myself. I’ve lost 20 pounds, regained energy and feel good about me!!

My mind set is “I can do it now” not pop a pill and go to sleep, Move my body-Work my mind!!! Eat right, rest, drink water, exercise, walk – God what a feeling.” Sure there is a few aches and Pains but I have just started to learn about what having my body and mind working is like. Working on the natural way and good habits can do us all well. Thanks to God smiling and Dr. Craig Banks my teacher.

B. Arlequeeuw

It is a pleasure to offer a testimonial of my experience at the Pinnacle Chiropractic Health and Wellness Clinic. Pinnacle has been providing me with superb service for the past six weeks. I originally came to Dr. Banks to treat the chronic pain and stiffness in my neck and left ankle. Both injuries were a result of falling down stairs in my home. I tried other forms of health care, with only short-term relief of symptoms.

During the course of my treatment, Dr. Banks listened to any and all of my concerns and offered complete answers to my questions. I have been receiving treatment for approximately six weeks and the results have been amazing. Regular adjustments have been enabling me to improve my range of motion in my neck and ankle. After ten adjustments, the mobility in my neck has increased 10%. The pain and stiffness in my neck and ankle has all but disappeared. I am now symptom-free of the tingling and numbness in my left hand and fingers. I had a TMJ problem, as well as headaches. Now, I rarely have a headache and almost never feel the pain and inflammation in my jaw. During the initial consultation, I was surprised to learn that on of my legs was shorter than the other. The x-rays that Dr. Banks took clearly showed the hips out of alignment. In no less than 2 weeks of adjustments, my lower back pain went away. These days, I even feel myself walking taller.

I have also noticed the adjustments help boost my immune system. I am a librarian and I work closely with the children every day. I used to pick up every virus and germ I came in contact with, but now I rarely get sick or if I do, the symptoms are mild and duration has decreased. With chiropractic care, I feel my overall health has improved.

J. Reed

I awakened one morning with intense leg and back pain and could not relate it to any of the previous day’s activities. I concluded that my regular visits to the fitness center would certainly take care of this problem over the next few days. After five days of no relief, and deciding against muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs, my next alternative was chiropractic care. I called Pinnacle Chiropractic to make an appointment. I described my discomfort to Dr. Banks. He understood what I was experiencing, and directed me to come in that same day.

After determining my specific problem and guiding me through a series of chiropractic treatments and exercises, the leg and back pain began to subside, and finally disappeared. I am now ready to take on the warm weather activities and yard work that must be done as summer approaches.

I am convinced that I made the right decision in seeking chiropractic care.

K. Freeman

The reason I started coming to see Dr. Banks was because I suffered from stiff necks that always lasted for about a week. Dr. Banks saw that the range of motion in my neck (turning side to side, up and down) wasn’t what it should be. X-rays were taken of my neck and they revealed that I was suffering from the beginnings of an arthritic condition. I began a treatment program of heat, muscle stimulation and correction (spinal adjustments). Now, my range of motion is so much better. I feel no pain, and I am near 100 percent!

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