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Praise From Our Clients

Pinnacle Chiropractic has received feedback from hundreds of patients, and we are proud to boast a satisfaction rating above 99%! Take a look at some our the testimonials from our most recent clients. Last names have been removed in order to honor the privacy of our clients.

The Benefits Are Real

The Pinnacle staff is one of the most knowledgeable and competent group of professionals in this business. Whether preventative or on-going medical care, all staff – from Dr. Banks to the massage therapists Amanda, Monica, or Jen to Stephanie the office manager – are trustworthy, accommodating, and seem to legitimately care about each patient. To date, I’ve referred well over 10 friends, who are now consistent patients. I feel confident telling a friend or colleague to try out Pinnacle – the benefits are real.

Albert D.

Regular visits with Dr.Banks helps keep my body functioning and performing its very best. Always leave feeling better and would not trust anyone else for my family or myself. Go get adjusted and stretched, an instant game changer.

Krista B.

Everyone at the office is really friendly, and Dr Banks is incredibly knowledgeable. I always feel utterly confident that, whatever my problem, I will get the best treatment around. I always recommend Pinnacle Chiropractic to everyone.

Elizabeth R.

I wouldn’t go to or recommend anyone else for chiropractic care.

Dr. Banks without question inspires confidence when he speaks with you. He listens thoughtfully before he provides a diagnosis which is not always the case with physicians these days. Nor does he recommend more visits than necessary to accomplish the primary goal which is refreshing. He wants to get you better, provide good advice for proper posture and exercises for everyday living and then if need be, maintenance adjustments to prevent your condition from returning. I wouldn’t go to or recommend anyone else for chiropractic care.

Timothy G.

Not only did I see Dr. Banks for quite sometime, I also had my daughter, who was only 5 at the time, see him as well. Dr. Banks is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and considerate. He is always learning, which I find to be extremely important in any field. I can’t recommend him enough. If you need chiropractic care, and believe me, you do, do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Banks. Everyone in this entire office is amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

Katina S.

I’ve been going to Pinnacle Chiropractic for a month now due to an accident I was in. I started seeing Dr. Banks for my injury and I’m so happy he was referred to me. He provides me answers and feedback that I haven’t received since the accident. He definitely knows what he’s doing and always provides valuable information and care! I’m starting to feel better and finally have hope that I will feel the way I did prior to my accident. His staff is also very lovely and so personable! I will refer anyone and everyone to Pinnacle Chiropractic!!

Shalie W.

I always feel like dancing on the way out!

Welcoming and helpful staff! I have have received excellent chiropratic care in NYS since 1995. When I relocated to Ohio, I was most concerned about finding a chiropractor with the knowledge and skill to help me retain my independence. I was adjusted in more than a few chiropratic offices before I found Dr. Banks. His skill and more importantly, his commitment to my comfort and overall wellness allows me to enjoy a greatly enhanced quality of life. I often limp into the office but I always feel like dancing on the way out!

Caroline H.

Repeat visit with Dr. Banks for an adjustment associated with an infrequent lumbar issue. I have always left in a much improved physical state with valuable advice to aid in recovery and prevention. No pressure to come in at regular intervals, he trusts the patient to assess their health situation and seek help when needed.

Glenn H.

Dr. Banks is so knowledgeable and always knows the best thing to do to help me with whatever issue I am having.

Suzann M.